This series of comics was done to inform Brazilians of what is going on outside their great land. There are so many corruption scandals there that it must be forgiven if world news slips under their radar sometimes.
Trump Soars and David Cameron (copy and pasted from a rejected cover) falls from the basket. 
The UK was uncomfortable with ninjas, so they only knew of "Hero Turtles" imported from the US. Portugal didn't bother with such censorship, and used the English name for them. Brazil however calls them Tartarugas Ninjas. That title sure sounds like a racial epitheth to me as a Tatar.
The title of this comic is simple, "Bullshido". Putin has been destroying imported food to spite Russians who have tastebuds. Anyone with taste in Russia is automatically denounced and ridiculed as a homosexual.
Brazil is obssessed with Giselle Bundchen. There Tom Brady doesn't even get a name, he's just called her husband, as if he is someone of unknown origin. Ben Affleck brought his nanny along on a private jet excursion to Las Vegas, and this nanny wore all of Tom Brady's rings. This is simply how Brazilians imagined the trip. I couldn't quite figure out how Ben Affleck's soon to be ex-wife would allow a woman more attractive than her to be their nanny in the first place, but then I moved on to other things, and put TMZ back in my hosts file.
Mei Xiang, an openly lesbian giant panda, recently bore twins after being artificially inseminated by a male panda named Hui Hui (which is slang for male genitalia in Russian language). It was a major accomplishment for panda rights, but unfortunately one of the twins died, putting a damper on celebrations. Let's hope the twin that is not evil was the one who survived.
The water is filthy in Rio. They have allocated money to clean things up, but of course the water will never be clean.
Brazil's president, better known as Dilma, is about to be impeached. This is a parody of the Home Alone movie poster. The campaign signs they have been trolling her with are absolutely hilarious. The three fingered one refers to her PT (her party) predecessor, Lula. He lost a finger as a worker, and it inspired him to become a communist party leader fighting for worker's rights. Yea, it sounds better on paper here too.
Female Viagra is now a thing, and this was my chauvinist take on it as a woman. Poor Dilma either doesn't know what is going on, or is desperate as well to join in on the drug fueled drama.
The USA has finally embraced socialism and made nice with Cuba. Thanks Obama!
Everyone who gets plastic surgery in Brazil will get old (if they aren't murdered senselessly first). This is an unfortunate truth.
A religious zealot caught in a corruption scandal in Brazil. The least shocking and most boring news ever. Brazilians get off on this more than any kind of sex scandal though. This work was censored when a briefcase fill of money was in the original scene. The banana comic breezed through the censors though. That is perfectly ok in Brazil.
Dutch flowers get burned. Everyone knows in Russia that tulips turn children gay, it's a gateway plant.
The French Donald Trump. 
If only they would have all ducked and covered...
Oscar Pistorius watches Usain Bolt win the 100m in his VIP prison cell.
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