These were premium golf headcover designs I designed and assembled by myself. Each headcover took 6-8 hours of work to complete. I made a sketch and then digitized an embroidery pattern for the face. The embroidered flag patches were difficult because of their small size.

The knit socks have to be made on a special circular knitting machine which is very rare and impossible to source in the USA. The only choices for this are the USA and China. It was surprisingly the most expensive component.  The fleece, yarn, half-ball button, and woven labels were all very cheap in comparison. Inside they are made fitted with a propreitary foam design, and the inner lining which hugs the golf club itself is a pattern of peace symbols. No expense was spared on the details of these.

It is unfortunate that to make these a profitable venture that the minimum order quantity would have to be in the thousands. As an item that most golfers don't often replace, there were better opportunities with more consumable products. I still get at least one email a week asking for a one off design of this style of headcover and to infringe on the rights of some other creator. The R & D costs would mean a one off prototype would probably cost in excess of $5,000, and who knows how much a lawsuit  costs.  :-)
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