The splash screen. It looks so fun, when actually it is like one of those 90s NES games that stole people's money . The text in Korea is from a previous canvas painting of mine, it says "Pyongyang Style".
The UI I did. The gameplay is very fast and addictive, although it is primitive like Flappy Bird.
Animations were done in raster and specifically for the vertical aspect ratio of the iPhone 5. It was quit a problem to do on OSX because the new Final Cut Pro X didn't allow for a custom canvas size. This is one of the reasons I sold all my Apple equipment after the project!
Kim Jong Un just before a "French Fry Mini-Jackpot". 
A reference to Baker, California, home of the world's tallest thermometer. 
Done in Motion 5, with accurate math of the ballistic missile.
The final animation. It was my first game, and I learned a lot from the process. It decent significant press in China and South Korea. Unfortunately, it never took off in the Western app stores, but it was in the top-50 in China for a day. In South Korea it was banned. Not because of North Korea, but because of their laws on simulated gambling!
"Pyongyang Style"

He's enjoying a tasty Krispy Kreme frappe and doughnut among K-pop looking geisha mermaids. It was the inspiration for them game.
A short digital work I did to accompany the "Pyongyang Style" painting.
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